I’m Nikki, and I love food. I grow it, preserve it, bake it, read about it, and occasionally draw it. I love to try new ingredients, and I enjoy the challenge of making junk food addicts say “that’s really good!” about a healthier version of their favorite foods.

Nikki and her husband

Me and my husband. I lovingly call him Snot Face. He calls me Booger Smooch.

The King’s Table of SC is a blog and food business dedicated to providing healthier options for a variety of diets. Locally, I sell homegrown produce and homemade baked goods. Online, I share recipes, stories, and guides that focus on adding a greater variety of nutrient-dense foods to your meals.

This business happened because of anxiety. I developed agoraphobia in winter 2015 and couldn’t walk more than a couple of yards outside my home without having a panic attack. I needed something to do while stuck at home.

A fuzzy black thing is the other reason for this business. Mold exposure caused lots of problems for me, including digestive impairment and food allergies. That led to lots of health and nutrition research and experimentation with allergen-friendly ingredients. Also, after leaving 3 jobs because of air-born contaminants, I wanted a place with no water leaks or musty odors.

Good things can come from bad experiences. I wouldn’t wish anxiety and mold on anyone, but they led me here, for which I’m grateful.


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